Life at Bridge House

Weekly Programming

Each component of the Bridge House program is intentionally designed to provide our residents with a better understanding of themselves and their associated challenges, while developing the skills required to live a life with purpose and fulfillment. Programming available to residents on a weekly basis is individualized and curated to each person’s needs. A resident’s primary therapist helps craft options that are applicable and meaningful, following the framework outlined below. 

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 Weekly Schedule

Structure, predictability, and routine are essential to any individual’s successful and balanced schedule. At Bridge House, consistency is paramount in how the week is designed, incorporating clinical touch points, social interaction, rest time, off-site outings and adventures, as well as daily living experiences. Please review the sample weekly schedule below to learn more about how our residents spend their time with us.

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Please note: The above is an example weekly schedule. Adjustments may be made to group subjects and times in order to fit the ever-changing needs of our residents.