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Executive Chef

  • Associate of Applied Science Culinary Arts, University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage Alaska
  • Certified Food Safety Manager

Ryan has worked as a culinary professional since 2010 in many prestigious venues in Alaska and Utah. Starting out as a prep cook in 2010 in a Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Anchorage, Ryan quickly learned about what worked and didn't work in a commercial kitchen. After his commercial inauguration he became a contract cook on an island in the Aleutian chain for the United States Air Force. He learned about bulk cooking, buffet service, and banquet cookery as he served the men and women assigned to the base. After moving back to the mainland, Ryan work as a chef team leader in passenger services on the Alaska Railroad. There he learned about serving people from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Before moving to Utah in 2014 Ryan assisted a longtime associate in opening a new restaurant in his hometown of Anchorage. Ryan has worked in fine dining both in Alaska and Utah, and most recently taught cooking classes at a local venue before joining the team at Bridge House. He has a passion for food and the artistic appeal of a well-cooked meal plated beautifully. Ryan loves fusion cuisine, which is the mixing of ingredients and cooking techniques from all over the world. When he cooks, Ryan attempts to take his diners on a culinary journey around the world through his many self-developed recipes.


Ryan loves life and has a plethora of both outdoor and indoor activities that he loves to spend his spare time engaged in. He is an avid outdoorsman and a lifelong member of the Boy Scouts of America. In the cool crisp mornings during his off-time Ryan can be found on a lake or stream searching for any species of fish tantalized by the flash of his lure. He loves camping and exploring new hiking trails, and especially those with waterfalls. Ryan has two adult children, a stepson in Wyoming, and several grandchildren who live in Alaska. As a chef he likes to impress family and friends with his culinary talents during family meals and gatherings.

Hope, Health & Healing

Ryan believes that food is an integral part of the healing process. Although he hasn't worked in healthcare, he is familiar with the medical side of healthcare, having grown up with a little brother having multiple handicaps. Ryan is a compassionate person and genuinely cares about all those he comes in contact with, working to get to know those he serves and attempting to work with their culinary likes and dislikes.

Working in culinary arts since: 2010

Working at Bridge House since: 2017