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Bridge House offers the most sophisticated, holistic approach to assessment available today.  Dr. Chris McRoberts, Director of Diagnostic Services, approaches assessment from a biopsychosocial model which sees human beings as people with problems in medical, psychological, and social realms rather than as broken objects to be fixed. This model requires the Bridge House team to evaluate and understand each resident’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social status with an understanding that this status is ever changing. Using the real-world environment to drive assessment, residents are evaluated over the course of weeks rather than hours and in a setting with activities that mirror “normal” life.

The most current medical and biological tests are utilized to investigate how physical health impacts the mental health of residents. Tried and true psychological measures including personality tests, projective tests, and a wide variety of cognitive tests are used to assess driving factors contributing to a person’s psychological makeup. This is all accomplished while the resident is safe, comfortable, motivated for change, eating a healthy diet, and getting adequate rest. Dietetics, occupational therapy, and psychiatric assessments round out the comprehensive evaluation with each client. And, leaving no stone unturned, unmatched social and behavioral assessment occurs over a period of several months when skilled clinicians observe residents as they gradually resume activities of daily living both on and off the Bridge House campus.

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